Welcome to CrossFit Fernie!

Interested in joining CrossFit Fernie?  You must complete our Elements curriculum through our Fast Track Private session program. The coach will work with you one-on-one, assess and teach you our foundational movements that you will need to join our regular classes with confidence. Please contact us to schedule your private "Fast Track" Elements.

New Classes at CFF! Row Enduro and Row-Fit classes coached by Kim Shopland. Classes are open to CFF members and NON members as well. Email to sign up. See schedule page for days and times. **Summer Row Fit Sundays at 9am.

We are Fernie’s official CrossFit box where we get fit to do the things we love to do. We explore our world, we bike, hike, ski, snowboard, paddle, climb, run, throw, jump, we get out there! We don’t spend hours in the gym, we get fit to live our lives.

CrossFit Fernie is community and wellness. We are a group of people working to be healthier, stronger, faster and better through proper movement that challenges us everyday. WIth proper guidance and coaching, our members are finding out just how amazing they are and doing things they've never thought they could do. 

Don't take our word for it! 

  •  It's hard to explain in words just how amazing Crossfit Fernie is...coaches are the very best and fellow crossfitters are always full of support, encouragement and inspiration. They have great gear, great schedule and great space! Love love love. ~Jenna Woods
  •  I have nothing but Awesome things to say about this Box and the Coaches and fellow Cross Fitters. What an Amazing Positive Community to belong to. Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!! ~ Jen Schmidt
  • I am grateful to Jana and Jeremy, the dedicated, educated and hard working coaches, for bringing Crossfit to Fernie. This remarkable business endeavour they have taken on to provide to the community is intriguing, challenging and fun! It is a portal for keeping fit in a "time is of the essence" lifestyle. If working hard with other people in a team-like atmosphere motivates you and having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost, then Crossfit Fernie is something you might just fall in love with, I know I have. ~ SJ Nelson
  • Best coaching, best workout crowd, best atmosphere, best fitness program and best results I have ever enjoyed in many years as a gym rat.~ Martin Cote-Beck

CrossFit is Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.