What is CrossFit?

We help create Healthier and Happier people through Fitness and Nutrition in a fun, effective, supportive and positive environment.

“Super stoked for the few classes I’ve started attending. I want to hug and kiss the trainers I’ve had so far as they are very understanding to my needs and have great knowledge. I want to jump up and down dancing like a fool during class but I fear I’ll waste precious energy before the end of class.
Cross Fit Fernie is everything I’ve been missing in a gym and more. Grateful for the wonderful & highly skilled trainers.”

“As a physio crossfitter I wanted to make sure the coaches at CrossFit Fernie were held to a high standard of competence and continuing education. This is definitely the case. Not only are the coaches at CFF knowledgeable, but they and the other members provide a welcoming, good-humoured community for returning members and visitors alike.”

“CrossFit Fernie is the place to be! When you have a positive environment, outstanding coaching, and a super fun community, what else could you ask for? The staff & owners are ready to help you whenever you need, and are always looking to help you improve. I highly recommend CFF to anyone who seems interested. Keep up the great work guys!”

“Exercise. Strength. Health. Home. Friends. Happiness.”

“CFF converted this occasional jogger into a fully addicted gym junkie. Excellent, friendly coaches and a supportive community make class time my favourite hour of the day. I couldn’t love this place more.”

“How can’t you love this place? Amazing athletes and owners who truly love what they do. Great business and amazing sense of community”


You will become stronger, leaner, faster and healthier through our programming to create a broad, general and inclusive fitness program that makes you fitter across a large number of physical skills. We create the fitness base so that you can kick ass in whatever sport you do, whether that is skiing, biking, swimming, running, dodgeball or playing tag with your kids!

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