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Elk Valley Pee Wee Team Training

Hi Team! We are excited to have you join us for more team training this Fall! Sessions will be Wednesdays at 6:30pm, beginning September 16th. We will work with the


Post-Summer Nutrition Reboot!

Did your nutrition take a hit during the summer? Don’t get us wrong, barbecues and beers a plenty, apres mountain biking drinks on the patio, and weekly camping trips are great


Let’s Talk Recovery

Let’s Talk Recovery The often forgotten aspect of development: Recovery. The following article is from Jason Brown of Box Programming. Jason covers many topics from exercise physiology, to body composition


August Summer Camps Scheduled! A Full Day of Fun!!

New for Summer 2019 – We are offering a Full Day Summer Camp! We will take your kids off your hands for a full day adventure utilizing the gym as


Thoughts: Smash the Wellness Industry

Have you read the NY Times article “Smash the Wellness Industry“? I’ve seen it on my Facebook newsfeed a dozen times or so the last couple days and it got


Teaching our Youth about Fueling Themselves Properly

Thanks to The Fernie Academy to setting up a nutrition class with our nutrition coach Kayla last Friday. Part of the high school Phys Ed curriculum is learning about nutrition and we


What is the Best Way to Train to get Stronger and Fitter, for Anything & Everything?

CrossFit is a GPP program: general physical preparedness. But what does that mean? It means we are training to be prepared for anything we WANT to do, or anything that we


2019 Endurance & Trail Prep Program

Registration is now open for our 2019 Endurance & Trail Prep Program! Thank you to everyone who has contacted us with excitement, and thank you for your patience! (This program


Body Composition Scans – You’re more than simply your weight!

Our InBody scanner gives us the full picture when it comes to body composition. We base our food prescription on what we see on these print outs. We don’t guess,


Team Training – Pee Wee Ghostriders

Hi Team! We are excited to have you join us for more team training in the New Year! Sessions will be Wednesdays at 6pm, beginning January 9th. We will work