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2018 Ski Prep Program

Registration for our 2018 Ski Prep Program is Live!  Are you Ready? You can smell the change in the air, the mornings are cool, the mountains are dusted with snow,


Curious about our Programming?

Programming and exercise is a science. It’s easy to turn the music up, slap together a few movements, send people out for a run and get them sweaty.  We need


Newest member of CrossFit Fernie

We received our new body composition scanner last week  and we are excited to put it to use! We are not strangers to biometric scanning, we were lucky to partner


Post Summer – 28 Day Nutrition ReBoot Challenge!

We are launching our first nutrition challenge with @healthystepsnutrition this September! If you feel like you have no idea where to start when implementing healthy eating, need to get back


Banded Pull Aparts – It’s all about taking care of your hard working shoulders

We are snatching and cleaning in our CrossFit classes today. (bring on the cheers…..!) We also have a high volume set of banded pull aparts in the middle. Pull-aparts are


CFF Kids Summer Camps are Back!

We know it’s still snowing outside but summer will come! Our CFF Kids Summer Camps are back! Two weeks, sign up for one or both! Ages 6-10. $120 +gst Limited


More on Why We Include Different Intervals in our Training

Did you come to Wednesday’s class? If so, you saw a workout that was 21 minutes but included more rest that work. In fact, the work to rest ratio was


Why Can’t We Do “Grinders” Every Day?

We’ve had lots of discussion about programming: The Intention of each workout and the “why’s.” Why do we see the Work to Rest ratio interval style workouts more than the


Why We Snatch

Today we are snatching. For some, this is their favourite day of the week and for others, its one to avoid. Weightlifting plays a fairly large part in our CrossFit


Are You Too Busy To Read This?

Earlier this week I posted a “Schedule your workouts! And don’t cancel on yourself” blurb on Social Media. I said it was “tough love” and time for the truth. I