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Is Strength Training a Part of your LIFE? It Should Be, You May Live Longer

We might be biased, we know 100%, the importance of strength. It’s what we do (along with ALL other aspects of Fitness) You regularly hear advice to make sure you


Do Weekend Over-Indulgences Sabotage your Goals?

When the weekend hits, do all your “good” weekday habits fly out the window? Is it a time to over-indulge? Or now that its almost December, and the holiday parties are etched into your calendar,


Box Squats

You may have seen a person squatting down to a box or bench here during your classes. Often coaches will changes things up for someone who may have some knee


Introducing CFF BaseCamp! (formerly CF Lite)

It’s time! We have had our CrossFit Lite program on the schedule for two years. And for two years we have been wanting to change the name but could not


Are you Competing every day? Or do you want to get better?

I was listening to a great podcast from Ben Bergeron (owner of CrossFit New England and coach to many top level CrossFit athletes: Matt Fraser, Katrin Davidsdottir etc). He was


Eating Healthy doesn’t have to be Complicated!

Do you meal prep? Or do you wing it? Grabbing quick food on the road or getting to the point that you eat the fastest, easiest and what’s probably the


Do you need Nutrition Rescuing? Perfect Meal Prep and more right here!

Its often hard to sort through all the Nutrition information. What to eat. When to eat it. Eat this. Not that. Are carbs bad? Should I try this Keto thing?


Our love to you Fernie

Our little town has been hit hard with this week’s tragic events. Our hearts and all our love go out to the families who have lost their fathers, husbands, partners


Z-Presses today! Wait….what?

You’re all set to come to class, you check the WOD to see what gear or clothes you may need, and come across the strength work for today. Z-Presses… and


2017 Ski Prep Program. Are you Ready??

We’re sliding into Fall, which means we will be switching gears from biking, hiking, boating and running to our fave winter sports! For so many people in the valley, that means