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Membership Options & Info

What are your goals? We have different Membership Options to help you achieve them. We offer Group Classes (CrossFit & BaseCamp), Personal Training, Hybrid membership which combine private training and group classes, and Nutrition Programs customized to help you achieve your goals!

Group Classes

  • CrossFit (*Elements Training required, more info below)
  • BaseCamp Memberships

*To join our regular CrossFit classes, you must go through our Elements Program first. This is a set of private sessions that will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit to ensure your success! You will work one-on-one with a coach to make sure you are moving correctly, safely and will have the confidence to join our group classes. Please book a No Sweat Consult to get started!

Personal Training

Not into the group classes or have specific things you want to work on? No problem! We offer Personal Training to help you achieve your goals. Work on-one-on with one of our qualified coaches. The training will be custom to you, your abilities and your goals. It’s all about you.

Nutrition Coaching

Customized meal plans, accountability, tracking and coaching to help you with your goals. We have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition and our program is designed by Registered Dietician Nicole Aucoin. Nutrition is the base of what we do, it is crucial in helping you reach your body composition and performance goals.

Plus, it feels great to look and feel great! Nutrition can be a stand alone program or combined with our fitness training for the best results. More info HERE.

Choose a Membership Option That Works Best For You!


Includes unlimited CrossFit Classes, BaseCamp, Open Gym, and Row-Fit

12-month commitment: $165/month (+ GST)
6-month commitment: $185/month (+ GST)
3-month commitment: $205/month (+GST)


3 classes/Week OR 12 classes/Month.

12-month commitment: $152/month (+ GST)
6-month commitment: $182/month (+ GST)
3-month commitment: $192/month (+GST)


Private or Semi Private Sessions

One Hour Training

Elements Program: Starting at $399 including 5 hours of Personal Training, Free Nutrition Consultation and InBody Body Composition Scan

10 Hour PT Package $750

30 Minute Training
$45/half hour
5 – 30 minute sessions $200

Semi Private Training Available
2-on-1 $127.50

*Add GST to all prices


Are you an out-of-town CrossFitter? Reserve your spot in any CrossFit class. No CrossFit Experience? Then reserve your spot in a BaseCamp or RowFit class (open to everyone!)

$20 per class

Why is CrossFit so expensive? We hear it all the time. The easiest way for most to understand what our membership entails is to compare it to Personal Training. (which most people understand) CrossFit group classes are “group” Personal Training sessions. Programming, teaching, assessing, coaching, correcting, goal setting etc.

So your membership at CrossFit Fernie is like Personal Training but actually at a fraction of the cost of Personal Training. Here’s another recap: It includes strength and conditioning programming, on-going coaching and instruction, including individual modifications where needed, mobility coaching, nutritional chats, community, fun, motivation, and commitment.

Trust our expert programming and coaching to help you achieve your goals, or even more! You may just surprise yourself! Most of our members have!

We offer 3 different levels of membership, depending on your commitment.

  • 12-month – Ideal for the fitness enthusiast and the best value for those who are passionate and committed to their fitness and health. Best value
  • 6-month – Great value for the committed but are a bit hesitant to commit to a full year.
  • 3-month – Good choice for those who want to give CrossFit a try and know it takes more than just a few classes to achieve results. Most members move to a larger commitment after this “trial” period

We’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.