Teaching our Youth about Fueling Themselves Properly

Thanks to The Fernie Academy to setting up a nutrition class with our nutrition coach Kayla last Friday. Part of the high school Phys Ed curriculum is learning about nutrition and we were excited to be invited to the school to present on this topic.

Our program (Healthy Steps Nutrition) is designed by a Registered Dietician who is passionate about nutrition and how it affects sports performance, healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and adolescent nutrition. Being able to reach youth as well as adults with ways to help make our nutrition and lives better is also a huge passion for Kayla.

Kayla spoke with a range of high school students, from grades 8-12. There were some great questions, and we thoroughly enjoyed presenting to them! Thank you to the staff and students!

She covered many topics over the hour, including the new Canada Food Guide, the plate method, creating healthy habits, choosing healthy school snacks and lunches, focusing on what your body can do and how to fuel it properly, rather than focusing on how it looks, plus other tid-bits including the shocking amount of sugar found in foods that are marketed as “healthy” options.

Here is a summary of points and topics we covered:

Good Nutrition: Consistency & Balance

  • Nutrition is a key factor in disease prevention, energy levels, immune function, and sports performance
  • Consider balancing your lunch with a carbohydrate, protein, and fat source to maximize nutrition and keep energy levels high.
  • A compartment container is an easy portion guide
  • Focus on sugar content! Remember 4g = 1 tsp. Your overall daily intake is important. When choosing processed foods and sweet drinks, it adds up quick.
  • Put your phone away at meal times to focus on hunger cues and enjoy your meal!
  • Make water your drink of choice
  • Pay attention to body cues: energy levels, sleep quality, and mood – all of which can be affected by your food choices

If you would like to have us come into your school, youth group, sports team, or workplace please contact Nutrition@crossfitfernie.com for more information.

We also facilitate corporate wellness programs including baseline measuring with our InBody – Body Composition Scanner, nutrition information, coaching etc. We can provide meals plans, and ongoing coaching to facilitate health and wellness within your workplace. There are many benefits to a corporate health and wellness program, and we would love to discuss them with you.