Thoughts: Smash the Wellness Industry

Have you read the NY Times article “Smash the Wellness Industry“?
I’ve seen it on my Facebook newsfeed a dozen times or so the last couple days and it got me fired up! The FB comments from women saying:
  • “Hell yeah!”
  • “Why don’t men obsess about their bodies?” (newsflash, they do too!)
  • ” Why do thin girls post on IG about their flaws when they are the only ones that see them”
ALL the comments come from a place of wanting to get rid of the eternal quest for a thinner, fitter, more perfect body. All the comments come from a place of wanting to support the article and it’s base message. Which is very positive! BUT it can also perpetuate but they say they want to get rid of. (stop the madness!)
I believe it is a great article, not a new concept or opinion but one that should be continued to be repeated. When I reflect on this after reading it (multiple times) it needs to start with US. I loved the near to last paragraph where it states: “Women, can two or more of us get together without mentioning our bodies and diets?” It needs to start with us. A) Stop being so damn hard on yourself and B) STOP being so damn hard and judgemental of OTHER women! Seriously. The criticism of someone being too large, too thin, not muscular enough, too muscular…..drives me insane! Stop scrolling through Instagram and giving your valuable head and heart space to them. If you see something you believe in and resonates with you, then great! If you find you start criticizing and judging, move on, unfollow, delete etc But each of us is just as guilty as the “patriarchal” society mentioned in the article, and in my opinion, more so. As we sit here and fight against it with words and wishes, we are the ones fanning the flames.
So ask yourself, do I perpetuate this madness? And if I truly want to help stop it, what am I doing each day that either reinforces it or helps to change it? It starts with you. What are you going to do to be kinder to yourself, and others?
Disclaimer: I own a gym, we have a nutrition program.  We technically sell “fitness.” Yes, I use the word “Wellness” when describing what we do as whole (fitness, nutrition, community etc)  Spoiler alert if you haven’t read the article: The word “Wellness” is a bit vilified. But after doing this for the last 7 years, I KNOW we are more than fitness. We ARE wellness (which of course can mean different things to different people, but to me it’s about quality of life!) We exercise for Life, not aesthetics. We exercise to keep doing our favourite sports and activities, not to have chiseled abs. We exercise to be able to keep moving, playing with our kids and grandkids, to keep LIVING! We eat to fuel our bodies so we can go do those things we want to do! We eat to feel great and FEED our bodies, not starve our bodies, NOT to restrict calories, NOT to restrict whole food groups and NOT to enter into a “gain or cut cycle” We do this together at CFF because it is a group of supportive, positive people that make us feel frickin’ awesome! We do this as a community.
This is our philosophy at CFF. It is what we do, it is who we are and why we are here. It is our why. We will continue to support people’s quests to live a better life, to be healthier and happier (psst science says exercising and eating healthy does in fact help with health and happiness)
Life is for the long run, hopefully. We are all going to die, how are you going to live until then?